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Dagor™ is Introducing Health care Solution

Which is so far the Best Web Based Solution

Completely Paperless and Easy to Maintain

About The Product

Realising the problems of current health care organizations like hospital, clinik, diagonostic center and other specialized entities, we have decided to make a complete solution to solve the problems of every aspects regarding health care industry. We aimed to build a system which is based on the theme of paperless solution, that is no paper work is needed from both the pateint side as well as the management side if the work is done through our smart solution. On the journey of building this challanging software we encounter different situations and we successfully overcomed from those. Finaly we come up with a system which is very much appriciated by many of the large organization they found themselfes on the winners side. We used latest technology and tools to make the system faster, secure, reliable and most importantly very much user friendly.

Take a look, What We can Offer to you

Product UI

Pictorial View of Project LifeCycle

Make your work easier with beautiful features

  • Complete Digital (Paperless) System
  • Integrated Hospital and Medical College ERP Solution
  • Software with Cutting Edge Technologies
  • Improved Management
  • Varieties of Dashboard to fit all type of Users
  • Track and Monitor Patients
  • Let Patients' Monitor Their Health Progress
  • Increased Interaction between Patient, Doctor and Students
  • Software Support with all latest tools and technologies
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2015+ & VS Code
  • Module Customization within 7 Days

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